Fill Piping

West Country Tank Replacements provide installation and repair services for fill piping. They use 2 inch heavy duty steel pipe systems in above and underground installations. Pipe in pipe systems are available, as well as pressure testing services for both new and existing systems.

Above Ground Installation – All fill piping installations will installed to oftec standards.Appropriate supports are put in place to secure pipes and ensure minimal movement throughout its operation.

Underground Installation – there are several regulations and environmental factors that contribute to the safety and longevity of piping systems primarily anti corrosion is the main concern and good quality pipes and anti corrosion tape should be used.

Trench placement and construction – Trenches would need to be at least 450mm deep

Above ground traffic – If vehicles will be traversing the pipe then the pipe would need to be in a protective conduit

Pipe diameter – Fill pipes should be 50mm in diameter and be of heavy gauge steel construction

Leak tests – engineers undertake leak tests after installation of piping to ensure the best quality operation.