Oil Tank Repairs

Cracked Or Leaking Oil Tank Repairs

Since 2008, Westcountry Tank Replacements has provided oil tank repair services to the residents of Newton Abbot, Devon, and the surrounding areas. Many of our clients request these services whenever they need their tanks or tank lines replaced, emergency repairs, or their leaking tanks. With our team of highly trained engineers, Westcountry Tank Replacements ensures that your tank is kept in the best condition.

What Causes Oil Tank Damage?

There are various types of oil tanks available for storage purposes. Some of the common examples include; plastic, steel, integrally-bunded, single-skinned, double-skinned, underground, and others. Damage to tanks can originate from knocks while working in the garden, poor installation, acts of ill-willed individuals, degradation (corrosion), and faulty fittings (gauges, valves, and pipework).

Why You Need Tank Repair Services

Leaking oil from your tank can easily find its way into lakes, streams, and rivers. The effects of the spillage are often catastrophic to the fauna and flora present in these water bodies because not many of them can survive the harsh effects.

Also, there are costs that you will incur in replacing the lost oil, not to mention the expenses of cleaning up the mess. Remember that household insurance policies may not cover such eventualities due to their magnitude, meaning that you could be liable for huge sums of money.

How We Go About Repairing Tanks

At Westcountry Tank Replacements, we believe in identifying the specific causes of leaking tanks and pipelines before embarking on the repair or replacement process. We then take steps to stop the oil from soaking into the ground or down your drains.

Our technicians will then advise you on how to prevent future damage and leaks to oil tanks. At this point too, the expert will arrange for future safety inspections to ensure that everything is fine.

In case our inspections reveal that the damage is too extensive for oil tank repairs, we will advise you on replacement. It is here that we will recommend the most appropriate replacement option from the Harlequin, Envirostore, and Deso tanks that we have in stock.