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Oil is a precious commodity, and it serves various functions to different people. Commercial and domestic oil storage tank owners need to understand that oil tanks require adequate maintenance for a variety of reasons. At West Country Tanks Replacement, we have engineers that provide servicing for oil storage tanks. If you are going to hire people to take care of your oil storage tanks, you need professionals. We have been operating since 2008 and in that time have amassed a wealth of knowledge when it comes to oil tank servicing. Our engineers are well-trained experts that prioritise your safety.

A damaged oil storage tank poses certain safety and environmental risks. Tanks with defects can also lead to significant losses. With our servicing, we perform checks to ensure that you don’t end up in any of the above situations. We conduct certain tests to guarantee that everything is working as it should. Servicing from West Country Tanks Replacements concentrates on ensuring that oil storage tanks for residential or commercial use are in the best conditions to carry out their functions.

Cleaning is part of what we do during oil tank servicing. Sludge accumulation is not a rare problem with storage tanks, and it can mess with the quality and efficiency of the oil. What we do is pump out an oil storage tank and then carry out thorough cleaning. It also helps to avoid rust build up in steel tanks over a prolonged period to use.

Servicing also includes oil line replacement if neccarssy . Using oil lines for a long time causes wear and corrosion and leaves them prone to damage. Clogging in lines will also interfere with their functioning. Replacing these lines ensure that oil storage tanks perform their function effectively.

Water in oil storage tanks is another problem we can solve with our servicing. Rain and condensation can cause water to enter the tank, which can cause corrosion and rust formation in steel tanks and damage boiler pumps. Our technicians are well-trained in removing water from oil storage tanks, leaving it safe and efficient for use. Call us for high-quality servicing of oil tanks.

Tank owners should always be aware of the condition of tanks when using them. A small leak in an oil storage tank can cause a spill that may lead to environmental disasters. Tanks have to be checked for cracks, dents, and deep scratches. There is also the risk of pipework getting damaged externally and the valves and safety mechanisms. Getting servicing for oil storage tanks goes a long way in preventing all of these risks. You should try to get full servicing of an oil storage tank at least once a year.

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